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    Lets meet ...


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    Re: Lets meet ...

    Post  Renold on Mon May 31, 2010 11:21 pm

    Well i guess it my turn its quite simple really.
    I'm a young (Age:16) swedish gamer and loves to spend time with people. Even if it is more than just chatting and etc.
    I don't hang out with friends so much in real life but I hang out with them on the net instead.
    My name is Kristoffer, you can either call me Ren or Kris if you want to. If you have anymore questions about me, just ask. Wink

    I dont have a great choie of languages, only know English and swedish perfectly but i only know a few things to say from other languages. Like spanish, german, and french.

    And i usually listen to any kind of music. Dont like Rick Astley so much just like his "Take me to your heart"

    Some of my favorites:
    Artist/Group:Demon hunter Song(s):Thorns, My heartdtrings come undone and fiction kingdom. Genre: Christian metal

    Artist/Group:Harmony Song(s):Without you and Weak. Genre: Christian power metal

    Artist/Group:Breaking Benjamin Song(s):Diary of jane (Acoustic), You and Until the end. Genre: Metal

    Artist/Group:Green Day Song(s):Boulevard of broken dreams and Wake me up when september ends. Genre: Rock

    As we all should know by now,
    Luck favors the brave and we are the bravest you can ever seek to find.
    No one can defeat us when we stand united.

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    Re: Lets meet ...

    Post  Afira91 on Sun May 30, 2010 3:49 pm

    Okay, quiet topic! Shocked
    So i'll just write something ^^

    My name is Anouk, im 18 years old and i live in Holland. I really love to go out with my friends, hang around in town and i adore shopping ofc Smile
    I have the best boyfriend in the world <3 This name is Stef and hes such a sweety! Smile I have a younger sister, who can be very annoying to me, but sometimes, we are like best friends to eachother Wink

    Im good in languages too. I can speak German, French and English ofc Smile Id love to learn Spanish! Unfortunately i dont have to speak the French language often, so I forgot most of it :S But translating it is still doable to me !

    Well, thats pretty much it. If u dont know enough about me yet, just ask Embarassed


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    Re: Lets meet ...

    Post  flixe on Tue May 25, 2010 7:18 pm

    icebreaker... well i asked khia for a field in you profile where you can whrite things about yourself. So ye this was a icebreaker ^^

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    Lets meet ...

    Post  MooN on Wed May 12, 2010 1:12 am

    Well, if no1 wants to writte here i'll break the ice Smile
    My name is David and i come from Serbia (Serbia is right from Italy) and im 17(almoust Razz). im going in highschool for a fotographer and im finishing second year.Im training rowing and im kicking ass at it (was 1st in my country). Music means a world to me! Every free second i use for listening music and singing. I go in a privat musical school for singing, too Smile
    I have talent for languages. I know english and german perfectly (maybe my writting sucks but who cares Razz). I started to learn japaness but i gave up couse the teacher started to go very fast from lesson to lesson and i got lost in the whole japaness gramma thing Shocked but nvm, one more experience in my life.
    Like i said, im a rower and if i stay at it i 'll go maybe to study in america with an athlete scholarship Very Happy
    so...i hope i broke the ice rabbit lets heare something from u ppls I love you

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    Re: Lets meet ...

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